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Read the book “Owl DooleyDoo: Christmas, Sickies and Other Matters” to find out:


Stebuklingos kojinės


Kaip Drūliją ištiko sirgadienis


Kur gi tos Kalėdos

This book goes back in time when DooleyDoo was a teeny-weeny owl.

You are presented with three tales that:
* help to know oneself better
* teach to identify body signals and form recovery skills when sick
* develop independence and self-regulation
* strengthen consistency, persistence and positive stubbornness to achieve personal goals
* develop empathy and social skills
* illustrate the importance of support
* strengthen self-confidence which leads to true miracles
* foster the ability to create festive mood and take part in the celebration
* encourage creativity
* stimulate language development.

You will also find several short poems to help you out if you ever unexpectedly have a sickday and nothing and nobody makes you smile :)

Happy reading! May the tales about Owl DooleyDoo fill your home with joy!

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The book “Owl DooleyDoo and the Yawnickles” will let you know:


Kas atsitinkia kai miške pražysta sapnarožės


Pelėda Drūlija ir žiovuliukai


Pelėda Drūlija stebuklingame miske

This whole book is devoted to SLEEP.
You will find five tales here – some of them are shorter while others are relatively longer. These tales will:
* help children calm down and get to sleep
* develop their skills to fall asleep on their own
* represent sleep as a wonderful fellow you are always willing to meet
* invite you create personal bedtime rituals
* let you know what to do when you get into a dream you do not like.

The book ends with a poem Evening Fellow. You can either read it or hum it – it will then turn into a lullaby.

The stories in this book foster imagination and train memory, strengthen emotional and social intelligence, accelerate language development, expand vocabulary and are perfect for creating personal rituals.

Read these tales about Owl DooleyDoo to lead the children to the Kingdom of Sleep, providing them with magical tools to feel calmer, safer and braver. These tools may become handy in a dream, right? Or maybe upon waking up in the middle of the night? Leaving children soft asleep at night, we leave them on their own – not only in their dreams, but also in the night time.
The Kingdom of Sleep – that’s the very first place where we let our little children go on their own... Let’s give them the power to enjoy sleep, rest and dreaming experience in general.

And may you want a soft cosy sleep toy join you for the bedtime tales, CHECK THIS OUT :)

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The book “Owl DooleyDoo and the Day OH-SO-BO-O-RING” will reveal:


Kaip Drūlija praleido dieną, kai ją kamavo nuobodulys


Pelėda Drūlija ir prisiminimai


Pelėda Drūlija ir Siurprizų diena

The tales in this book:
* encourage creativity
* develop independence and self-regulation
* provide with important and easily applicable knowledge on how to control emotions
* stimulate language development
* enhance attentiveness, empathy and social skills
* teach how to communicate and collaborate.

The book begins with a short Letter from the Author providing several simple yet worthy suggestions on how to read it.

While at the end of the book you can find new insights on the tales about Dooley the Owl by several psychologists along with their advice for the readers on how to get most of the therapy tales.

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Read the book “Owl DooleyDoo in Search for Patience” to explore:


Kaip Drūlija kantrybės ieškojo


Pelėda Drūlija ir Šmikis


Kaip Drūlija savo draugus džiugino

The tales in this book:
* foster patience and teach waiting
* help form personal hygiene skills
* develop empathy and stimulate social skills
* strengthen self-control and independence
* introduce children to appropriate ways of emotion expression
* encourage creativity * stimulate language development.

The book also includes a Lil Woodpeckers’ Lullaby, perfect for the end of the day - reading it slowly or humming it will help summon dreams more quickly.

The book begins with a Letter from the Author providing several simple yet worthy suggestions on how to read it.

While at the end of the book you can find insights on the tales about Dooley the Owl by two psychologists along with their advice and comments for the readers of therapy tales.

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The book “Owl DooleyDoo and the Day NO” is about:


Pelėda Drūlija ir diena NE


Pelėda Drūlija ir diena NE


Pelėda Drūlija ir diena NE

The tales in this book:
* help in understanding emotions
* introduce children to appropriate ways of emotion expression
* assist in recognizing one’s fears and finding ways to manage them
* develop patience
* strengthen self-control
* invite to observe the cause-and-effect relationship
* encourage to maintain order.
* enhance creativity
* stimulate language development.

The book begins with A Letter from the Author for the readers of therapy tales. It includes several simple yet truly worthy suggestions on how to use the book.

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Reader reviews

We cannot get enough! My daughter only wants DooleyDoo: we read it in the morning, in the evening and at midday!


I think these books will be passed on from one generation to another. Well, at least from my perspective, these are the best books for children. I honestly know nothing better.


Books on DooleyDoo deserve a big WOW. Amazing, engaging, educative, and those charming illustrations... Most meaningful some of money spent on children literature ever.



All is perfect – the tales as such, the messages they carry, the impact they have, beautiful illustrations, subtle sense of humour and plenty of details and other minutiae. Not to mention how vivid and rich is the language used! Character names, short poems, counting-out rhymes, exclamation words, mimic words, rich variety of adjectives and verbs… I am impressed and truly recommend the whole collection of books on DooleyDoo for all the kids – even if they might be a little bit older and maybe have outgrown the officially accepted age for fairy-tales.


These fairy-tales have real effects: they slow down the time, reduce the noise, return to self and work like spells. I really like it that these tales are initially oriented at peaceful relation with self and only then – with others. Which is rather rare in nowadays context… I am happy discovering this every day!


A wonderful book that introduces children to our everyday world and, most importantly, personal feelings, experiences and life situations. Illustrated with amazing pictures that you can observe together with your child, admiring and learning to notice all the small details. We read the tales daily and we discover something new every time! As a mother, I am concerned a book should be of good quality are here quality applies to all – the words, the ideas and the pictures. Therapy not only for children but for parents as well!


I sincerely recommend these books for those searching for high quality content for their children, for those who care about timeless values and encourage children to think, discover and learn through play. I am really glad that it is DooleyDoo who keeps company for my daughter on her way of forming foundations of true virtues.

THANK YOU for the author for the possibility to spend even more quality time with my child! I can firmly state that owl DooleyDoo showed us very effective yet gentle ways to bring more patience, playfulness in performing daily tasks and empathy for each other in our family.


Exceptional books, wonderful texts, still do not get bored even after reading them hundreds of times...


DooleyDoo won our love and found the way to our hearts from the very first sentences. Well-aimed stories and characters sharing familiar experiences engaged not only our little one, but my husband and me, too. Identifying accurately named emotions in the book helps us in daily communication with our child. Amazing that these stories truly have a therapeutic effect – they help us gather and unite us through smiles, laughter, discussions. Witty characters full of volume and with fantastic names plus remarkable illustrations thought out to the smallest details –  it all gives us possibilities to find something new every time. Thank you for this work of such high quality!


These tales are “coded” with being here and now, with joy of discovery, amiability, positivity… They teach without teaching, persuasively transmitting valuable knowledge and educating the little listeners and the readers of the tales.


I am impressed by the author’s mind, creativity and engaging adventures of owl DooleyDoo. I really like the way the author presents true-life situations, feelings, emotions and human values in the book with such sensitivity and realistic attitude. I wish everyone to go on this wonderful adventurous trip with owl DooleyDoo as only after getting to know our own feelings and values shall we get the confidence to guide our children on their way to understanding themselves better. While reading the book you get engaged by the characters in no time, they charm you, make you eager to listen, to read, to do, to want... Every time I read these books, I discover something new, magical yet timeless for self :)


These are the most amazing books for children! Children are never willing to part with them, so we need to take the books out of bed when the children fall asleep :)


I truly recommend! Our daughter cannot live without DooleyDoo books anymore: stories are read, quoted and get incorporated into everyday life – at playtime, at bedtime and in case any certain situations occur… These books have become favourite for all of us – our daughter, my husband and me. Fairy-tales about owl DooleyDoo can definitely be rated as all time favourite books for children – I believe they will be labelled as classic one day :)


Our son loved it from the very first pages, from the very first time we opened the book. He was so engaged he started saying “Doo ...!” before he even started talking which meant he wanted to read this book. I truly recommend it for all children and their parents!


Beautiful, engaging texts, lovely illustrations. We read all the fairy-tales multiple times, while the most popular one is about the peas and patience!


Our children’s favourite books! Both sons are simply in love with DooleyDoo! Thanks a million for the author for bringing DooleyDoo to our home!


The tales about DooleyDoo are the first ones that our daughter (1 year 3 months) listens to. She gets very concentrated and doesn’t even move. And when I stop reading, she immediately shows me to continue. Amazing…


I like it a lot! Just keep reading and reading…


Wonderful books. They have been read dozens of times already and are still on the bookshelf of favourites! Accurate texts and fantastic illustrations!


Stories about DooleyDoo are magical! :) Children simply fall in love with DooleyDoo and memorize the texts so accurately they can even quote them!


Wonderful tales, beautiful high quality books!


Both my son and I like the tales :) We find character names very amusing.


Our little daughter is truly in love with DooleyDoo! Wonderful tales with subtly hidden important advice for our little ones. We read the tales so often that I even know them by heart :) 

Special thanks for DooleyDoo’s game with the thunder – it helped us a lot.


These tales got our children interested and engaged, while I am happy and surprised by the result of reading – children keep quoting different fragments and they easily apply the wisdom from the tales in daily life.


My both children are great fans of DooleyDoo! Thank you for these fairy-tales :)


Thank you for the books! That is something amazing. I was also impressed by the paper used (the feeling when you touch it) and the size (perfect for taking into hands and reading on a sofa with comfort).


We keep reading the book again and again. And keep creating new stories for the characters ;)


Wonderful books in all aspects: the content, the illustrations and the paper (so pleasant to touch :) )... Thank you!!!


We keep reading these fairy-tales daily for several months now and our daughter keeps asking for them and listens to them attentively! It is great that these stories are so clear and familiar for a child. Furthermore, they teach lessons through comprehensible, child relevant examples. Mommy knows the tales by heart already and the child still shows no interest to change the book for any other… DooleyDoo not only helped us farewell with a pacifier, but also assisted in falling asleep easier, especially for daytime naps. Best recommendations! Thank you for spreading kindness and for a wonderful book for evening rituals and more. Our whole family loves DooleyDoo and we are waiting for new stories about this owl :)


Our children really love the tales, and the grown-ups get a lot of food for thought after reading them. Therapy in a good sense. Thank you for creativity and for sharing. Quoting my five-year-old child, "Mom!,DooleyDoo is very good, I want to be like DooleyDoo"; "Mom, shall we have a DooleyDoo night? Shall we read?"


You conquered my heart and the hearts of my grandchildren from the very first story.


I believe every kid deserves to have DooleyDoo on his/her bookshelf to help him/her grow happy and with ease!


DooleyDoo as a character and the tales are PERFECT! My five-year-old boy likes them a lot. And, most importantly, they are very useful and amusing to read!


Though we have a lot of books, the tales about DooleyDoo are our favourite, receiving exclusive attention and respect. Extremely interesting, engaging and useful. Simple yet unique tales on topics familiar for every family! I am not sure who likes the tales more – my son or me, as when I read them, it is pure therapy :)


My daughter and I like this book a lot – it is the only book she listens to so attentively! She instantly gets interested and calms down. While I really enjoy reading – it goes with such an ease...


I truly recommend this wonderful book for those who do not have it yet! We read it several times a day every day!!! It’s the very best book and all times’ favourite for our daughter :) She listens very attentively when we read the stories in the evening, while at day-time, she keeps remembering DooleyDoo and talking about her... We feel captivated by the content, so easy to follow and comprehend for a child, written in beautiful fluent language. These fairy-tales bring up child-relevant topics (e.g., saying "No" or facing fears), which are skillfully and creatively explored without any need for intimidation! Already waiting for new books on new adventures of owl DooleyDoo!


I’d like to pay special attention to illustrations – I find them very entertaining and discover something new every time I observe them!


A lovely book. Beautiful edition, the kid liked the stories a lot, illustrations, too :) My best recommendations for all :)


It is impressive that these fairy-tales work very well both on children and on grown-ups, as having read them, you see everything in brighter light :) All the stories are true to life. I am happy I found DooleyDoo who helps my children and me develop emotional intelligence! Every time you read the stories, you discover, comprehend and notice something new. Each page is filled with beautiful illustrations, short songs, nice exclamation words and is rich in vocabulary; even page numbers were given extra attention. Best recommendations!


Our kids’ favourite books! I am a fan of these tales, too. So lovely and cosy, they help foster imagination – even for grown-ups. DooleyDoo is very realistic indeed!


An amazing book about a cute little owl who experiences lots of exciting adventures. Reading the book helps foster a close relationship with the narrator (parents) and the child, encouraging thinking, discovering things and developing the vocabulary while the secret message easily finds its way to the child’s heart. We experience a whole bunch of wonderful emotions while reading as all the tales are interactive and engaging both small and big ones. We recommend these tales from the bottom of our heart!


You get engaged not only by the content – so easy to follow and relatable to a child, but also by the way it is presented – beautiful illustrations, picturesque, qualitative narration.


Stories about owl DooleyDoo are amazing! Applicable for the whole family, a great gift for the little eyes, ears and, definitely, hearts! Both the texts and the illustrations are wonderful! Our best recommendations!


Books of high value, beautiful and rich in content.


Interesting plot keeps both my child and me engaged in the story. Beautiful tales about things our children face in their everyday lives. Wonderful to see my daughter’s love for these books!


The ideas in the book are very well-aimed and highlighted for children to easily understand and remember. The texts are playful, complemented with entertaining illustrations, while the press, the pages are of very high quality and pleasant to touch. I also found it very interesting to read the feedback by psychologists at the end of the book – it is very useful information for parents regarding children’s education aspects.


Our family loves this book about relationships, self-understanding and other important things in life. It is written in an easy to read manner, in a fairy-tale style. When we give this book as a present for other children, we always receive comments from their parents saying the book has quickly become their favourite. My best recommendations!


DooleyDoo has instantly become our children’s favourite book.


My son really likes the tales about owl DooleyDoo. He keeps quoting the book while playing on his own...


Beautiful therapeutic tales! From all the books we have, these are the ones to be read again and again. They evoke many positive emotions and offer undeniable benefits – when having to wait for something, when not willing to brush the teeth or when in conflict with a friend.


While walking in nature, our daughter keeps looking for oaks, she then observes if there are any hollows and asks if DooleyDoo lives there. Many times she left some gifts for her – a bunch of flowers, pinecones… Besides, she is still sure that it was deer Silvestre who left gifts to make DooleyDoo happy, and not anyone else :)


Wonderful, engaging fairy-tales. They are my little daughter’s favourites – always nearby the bed, adding more quality to our bedtime. DooleyDoo has already become a true family member :) And it is about 10 months already that our daughter falls asleep only when listening to the lil woodpeckers’ lullaby – that is her bedtime ritual.


Wonderful stories about owl DooleyDoo! Interesting for the whole family, a great gift for children eyes, ears and, definitely, hearts!


How magical the stories about the little owl are! This little owl has a charming and therapeutic effect not only on my little daughters, but on me as well :) Thank you for these stories!!! This is a pure form of therapy for children and us ourselves (parents) :)


Since I discovered the books about DooleyDoo, we find SO MUCH pleasure reading with our children... These books are filled with something. Not only with texts, stories and illustrations. There is something more than that…


A very amusing book of real value, serving the purpose of educating at the same time. And it is not only for children :)


Thank you for wonderful books!

Every night, my son brings all the three books to bed and then chooses the tales to be read...


I started applying owl DooleyDoo’s advice for self! And you know what, it works – you start laughing and the mood changes to the better instantly. Our children like it, too! When reading the books, you can almost feel you get into that faraway wood, nine seas and nine lagoons away…


Our three-year-old daughter listens to these tales very attentively and later, at moments least expected, she gives us very accurate explanations on the topics covered. I consider this the greatest benefit of therapeutic tales – the child COMPREHENDS the main idea without any prohibitions or inefficient intimidation, only through positive experiences and identification with wonderful, realistic, charming characters. It is nice to observe how our little daughter links the discoveries from the tales to her real life. DooleyDoo is a very familiar character to her which makes it very easy to be identified with. I find it amusing to see how our daughter follows and names the moods DooleyDoo gets into. Also, I am excited about the illustrations that are so vivid and entertaining, there is always something to discuss.


Our son is a real fan of owl DooleyDoo, there is not a single day when we do not read stories about her.


I am impressed! I read and find myself feeling better and better :) Enjoying it a lot! All the stories serve an educational purpose – not only for children, but for their parents, too. Therefore, this book is like therapy for the whole family! Not to mention the cute illustrations!!! Therapy both for ears and for eyes :)


I’d like to thank for the wonderful books about owl DooleyDoo. They are all interesting, engaging attention, teaching useful lessons. Besides, it is great fun reading them as they have such a rich vocabulary and original character names. Those animals have become friends for our daughter and us! While the short songs, quackers, murmurs - our daughter knows them by heart and sings them while playing. She even “reads” the beginning about DooleyDoo, living “Nine seas and nine lagoons away…” herself, then she lets me continue with the stories. Also, when reading the books, I identify the real values that I would like to pass on to our daughter – as an opposition to today’s popular consumerism ideas widely spread elsewhere. Thank you once again for the books of real value.


Wonderful tales. We read the stories about the lost water bottle and the storm almost daily. Thank you! Our daughter perfectly remembers all the character names – and so, all the frogs are Pompoms and all the elephants are Steptops from now on :)


Hello, thank you for the stories on DooleyDoo! The book is not only pleasant to read, but also to touch by hands. The text is super easy to follow and is very amusing.


This book is a real discovery! We have lots of books, but the one about DooleyDoo has instantly become our daughter’s favourite in a fascinatingly short period of time. She demands for stories about DooleyDoo every night and keeps bringing the book to bed :) Our daughter listens to the stories attentively and having finished, she keeps turning pages and commenting on different things herself. She has chosen her favourite illustrations and likes repeating “chuff puff” and other words from the tales. In fact, this is the only book she likes listening to so much! When you try reading any other book, she just keeps turning pages further, while she can listen to the whole book about the owl deeply concentrated – and even several times a day. Even my husband is impressed by the miracles this book makes :)


We are in love with these wonderful books! I really enjoy reading them exactly the way they are written! (As often, when reading our daughter fairy-tales, I find myself trying to correct something or at least skip some of the parts...)


Best recommendations, we read the tales every night, our 3-year-old son likes them a lot.


My four-year-old considers the tale books about DooleyDoo to be the best gift for any of her friends!


We read, enjoy and admire! And I found the day NO very amusing for me personally as I can identify myself with the character, we have days like this, too :D


My little one loves every single tale in the book and owl DooleyDoo herself, as well as her animal friends and all the illustrations. We keep coming back to check what kind of mushrooms the owl was collecting in the wood :) What we found very useful was the advice on what to do when a child says "no, no, no...." to everything all day long. I really recommend it! I gave this book as a present for several mom-friends – both my friends and their children were very excited about it.


Our little daughter grows together with DooleyDoo. She gets so engaged, she identifies herself and goes through experiences together with the characters, developing her emotional intelligence. Wonderful illustrations – vivid, amusing, rich in small details. Our daughter’s gaze keeps focused even when reading longer texts.


Wonderful stories that help a child explore and grow :) My son loves the books on DooleyDoo, they always have to be somewhere nearby and need to be taken on trips. Tales about DooleyDoo have also been with us when we were in hospital. Not that we only read them, but we also created our story versions on how DooleyDoo would feel when in hospital, too :) Thank you for beautiful books and for the relation they help establish and foster, for the positive atmosphere and the wisdom they convey to children (and not only to children).


We read the tales about DooleyDoo every night. It is wonderful how these therapeutic tales found place at our home. Thanks for the author and I am really happy about the fact that these tales turned our teeth cleaning ritual into an exciting adventure :)


An amazing book! Loved by kids and me, too. You can find lots of useful things here – both about everyday worries (the mess, the teeth) and about emotions, thoughts, failures…


Brilliant therapeutic stories! Applicable for children of all ages! Wow, truly engaging and fostering curiosity, beautifully illustrated! We became friends with DooleyDoo instantly, just having met! My little girl listens to the stories attentively and keeps commenting them! She especially likes the tale about the thunder and the illustration of DooleyDoo with different hats! I wish everyone to have the book and gift it for friends!


Best books ever!


Amazing books! Highly educational, teaching kids emotional intelligence. Our son keep bringing these books to read. But it is also me who likes them and finds them interesting to read.


Our son is simply in love with DooleyDoo and how she was searching for patience :) 


What a wonderful book! So easy to read and with such cute illustrations...


Thank you for the wonderful owl DooleyDoo!

From now on, it is not only children who wait for the reading time – I am, too, waiting for the evening to read the book together :)


The books about DooleyDoo are written with great skill. They are filled with kindness and genial simplicity – playfulness and sense of humour in absolute balance with coherent, smooth, meditative narrative, giving great attention to details. And everything so beautifully balanced! An exclamation word, a mimic word, a short poem, a small joke – just in the right place when there is a chance to lose attention... I really like the illustrations – they complement the texts so well, add to their purpose. Wohoohoohoo, I don’t even know what we’d do without DooleyDoo.


„The whole book is absolutely lovely. I read it with pleasure and joy, pronouncing every word as if it left a taste in the mouth -  a taste of mushroom soup, thunder or any – new and amusing!“


"When I read, my daughter keeps silently repeating all the mimic words – flap flap, swoosh, splash... She also likes all the character names – she keeps asking me if I remember how each character is named. And one more thing she loves is searching for characters hidden in illustrations :)"


"I really want to thank for the book. It obviously has magical powers :) Either my son is tired or not, the tales about DooleyDoo need to be read. We really appreciate it, recommend it and wish the book to have lots of readers!"


"An amazing book! Fairy-tales about DooleyDoo are our little daughter’s favourites – though we have many other books and read them daily. What my daughter and I like about this book is - everything! !"


"There is so much happening in each sentence, and owl DooleyDoo beautifully reflects the days children might have, giving useful advice, especially on the day NO : )  Oh what a morning we had when our son was stomping his feet laughing while NOT putting on the shoes and NOT going to that NON-kindergarten :) Really amusing stories, beautiful detailed illustrations, pleasant to touch paper surface. We will definitely read this book many times more."


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Feedback from psychologists and educators

"Owl DooleyDoo – so small and featherly fluffy, yet encompassing the GREATEST values in human life. The fairy-tales about her are actually about very important and subtle moments and challenges that children and their families face – these are and will be of great relevance for many many years ahead."

RAMUNĖ Narkevičiūtė Jarista, child psychologist, 2021

„DooleyDoo becomes a friend, an authority figure and a reflection of self for children and grown-ups in no time. Witty inventive language, multiple layers of significance, and stories and situations from real life help you easily identify self within the texts and later – in life – come back as genuine knowledge and ideas by DooleyDoo. DooleyDoo inspires learning to create sincere ethical relations not only with others and with the environment, but also with self, as she reveals how important it is to observe and understand one’s emotional and physical body signs to be able to give the best care possible.“

AKVILĖ Giniota, sexuality educator, PhD in educational sciences at VU

"Our beloved DooleyDoo – courageous and timid at the same time, bored and inventive, independent and seeking friendship – she is beautifully presenting us the joys and the worries of childhood."

AUŠRA Kurienė, head at Children Support Centre, psychologist-psychotherapist, 2022

„Personally, I consider these books a discovery of the decade! We have such a variety of books these days that it makes it difficult to find the ones that are not only interesting, but also have value for children and their growth in all aspects. I notice I grow together with owl DooleyDoo. She lives in our group, we often read the tales and even arrange activities accordingly. E.g., in springtime, we decided to grow peas and beans, and we kept talking about patience every day... even the two-year-olds were conscious about that: "We need to wait. We grow patience." This year, we put our educational focus on language and your books will be of best help as they cover all the relevant topics, including beautiful vocabulary and ideas... while short poems like "Hoosh whoosh chug chug..." and others – these are not only fun and amusing, but also serve as great exercise for speech apparatus. For me, your books are like Christmas! “

RAMUTĖ, kindergarten teacher

„Reading for children and with children is magical experience as such. However, reading children stories about DooleyDoo brings you to a separate zone of magic. And I am not exaggerating. DooleyDoo helps calm down somehow. If there is chaos in mind and at home, I can be sure that inviting self and the children to read DooleyDoo books will make everyone in the house more or less normal again... And when DooleyDoo is too far to reach, and you and your children get into the strangest life situations possible with no instructions on how to react and what to think, dear DooleyDoo just TA-DA! and introduces herself in the head of yours or your children. She then starts wondering aloud what to say and what to do. As the very dearest relative. Do gift this book about DooleyDoo for your children and children not yours, also for self and your home. You will then understand: there are fairy-tales and there are FAIRY-TALES.“

AKVILĖ Giniota, sexuality educator, PhD in educational sciences at VU

"This book is of great value for helping children learn something new without putting too much effort into it –  just by reading and enjoying the process as if you were actually playing. Owl DooleyDoo is something very simple about very complex things!"

RAMUNĖ Narkevičiūtė Jarista, child psychologist, 2021

"Sometimes, a little support is necessary to establish a successful friendship between children and sleep. A reminder, how magical rest time can be, could be of some help. Fairy-tales about DooleyDoo will help children recognize themselves – tired, dreamy and impatient to meet Sleep. Vivid stories about DooleyDoo, rich in vocabulary, make it even easier to invite the restless yawnickles, the dreams and SLEEP itself."

DOVILĖ Šafranauskė, baby and children sleep specialist, founder of “Miego pelytės” (“Sleep Mice”)

„As mom and an expert in Lithuanian language, I feel extremely happy to find a piece of writing in such vivid, rich, sophisticated language. The author skilfully creates stories with new adventures waiting for the little owl just behind every corner. Lengthy narrations, so uncommon in todays’ children literature, are totally acceptable here, and children burn with impatience for the upcoming lesson to learn what happens to the little owl next. The stories present us with laconic yet very convincing characters that children can easily identify within themselves or in other peers. Children can savour the details which have almost disappeared from our modern life – their world, restricted with “good / normal / bad“ just moments ago, gets filled with rejoicing, chins down, timid uttering and deep sighs.

I did not hesitate to include the fairy-tales about DooleyDoo to the primary reading list for children in our school: education in emotional-social intelligence has never been so inspiring ever before.“

JULIJA Glinskė, co-founder of free school model “Forvardas” and head of education, Lithuanian language teacher, lecturer, educational consultant

"Three new tales about our wonderful fluffy friend – owl DooleyDoo. These exciting playful stories are small miracles encapsulating the essence of relations with each other, our senses and feelings, wisdom, kindness, friendship, love, fellowship, support, care, comfort… They help get better understanding of self and others, experiencing life openly and intimately with all its colours and shades."

RAMUNĖ Narkevičiūtė Jarista, child psychologist, 2023

„Perfect discourse by the author, deep understanding of child behaviour and emotions, fun, amusing yet psychologically accurate insights – it all makes the tales enjoyable both for children and for grown-ups. The tales help discover and understand the extremely complex and playful world of our children. Thank you!“

AUŠRA Kurienė, head at Children Support Centre, psychologist-psychotherapist

"Magnificent fairy-tales! Never before have the children in our group listened to tales in such silence and with such attentiveness … I do recommend it both for children and grown-ups!"

DIANA, kindergarten teacher

„These stories on DooleyDoo make imagination dance to the gentle rhythm of a song, slowly calm you to sleep and wrap you into a veil of cosiness. A great bedtime read not only for children! The author has good understanding of what is most effective for small children – simple stories with repetitions, supplemented with picturesque descriptions, engaging, attracting and taking away to the land of imagination. The intimate atmosphere when reading DooleyDoo tales helps foster connection with the child, the book, the wood and its inhabitants, while the peaceful tone of the narration makes children and grown-ups calm down, quieting their thoughts and getting ready for rest and sleep.“

MONIKA SKERYTĖ-KAZLAUSKIENĖ, psychologist, founder of the Child Psychology Centre, 2022

"This book is filled with stories that help one find the real self, inspiring to make self and others happy.
It is worth reading not only for children, but for yourself, too – so that everyone discovers his or her way of DooleyDoo-ing."

MONIKA SKERYTĖ-KAZLAUSKIENĖ, psychologist, founder of the Child Psychology Centre, 2021

„I was really impressed by the fairy-tales about owl DooleyDoo. I think that parents, grandparents, also people in contact with children, educators should read growing children these tales or tales like these. While reading, indeed, – just like the little owl – I felt happiness: I felt being filled-up with joy. Each story is so transparent, heart-warming, funny and giving a subtle lesson. The importance of growing beans and fostering patience at the same time, the importance of knowing what gift would make your friend happy, the importance of daily hygiene to avoid any trickster attacks, ways to overcome fears and pursue goals with determination... As I read, I felt as if I was observing a small child, curiously exploring the world. And small children are so wise! Books written in very fluent, rich language.“

NERINGA Lašienė, philologist, bibliotherapist, member of the Lithuanian Bibliotherapy Association and member of the East European Association for Existential Therapy

"Reading the book about DooleyDoo and the yawnickles will help you tame sleep – as a beautiful intimate friend. The fourth book about owl DooleyDoo takes us to the world of sleep and dreams. This topic, so important and challenging for many families raising small children, is presented comprehensively and truly playfully here. You will find some great ideas as, for example, what to do before going to sleep or when you go to sleep – this will make the process more interesting and attractive.  Personally, the technique for falling asleep presented in the Afternoon Nap tale left the biggest impression on me. The fourth book on the adventures of owl DooleyDoo is full of nice surprises, authentic illustrations and deep insights."

RAMUNĖ Narkevičiūtė Jarista, child psychologist, 2022

"The author with the help of DooleyDoo guides us again to a joyful yet sometimes very complicated world of childhood. These stories help children understand themselves and find new ways to deal with difficulties, also letting parents see daily “childish” situations in different light through the eyes of owl DooleyDoo."

AUŠRA Kurienė, head at Children Support Centre, psychologist-psychotherapist, 2021

„The fairy-tales – amazing, illustrations – joy for eyes, book design and cover surface – just take it and never put away!“

IRENA Bulotienė, fairy-tale and art therapy specialist using Gestalt psychology methods

„Fairy-tales about DooleyDoo serve like a lighthouse for homes where things can get stormy sometimes. Invited by the tales, children magically quiet down. Another miracle that happens while reading is that the grown-ups calm down, too. DooleyDoo is such a fun heart-warming character that you may even feel her becoming a true family member.“

AKVILĖ Giniota, sexuality educator, PhD in educational sciences at VU, 2023

„Your books are FABULOUS! We all are very impressed!“

SILVA, kindergarten teacher

„This book introduces us to the wonderful DooleyDoo in her young days. The world at that time seemed to be a place full of tough challenges for her: the first flight, the illness and Christmas that took too long to come over… What an important role is given to little owl‘s grandmother who has such good understanding of the magical children‘s world, who believes in DooleyDoo and puts all her trust in her powers, creating everyday miracles on the go. That is all you may need...“

AUŠRA Kurienė, head at Children Support Centre, psychologist-psychotherapist, 2023

„It is not only about heart-warming friendships among tale characters, but also about their nice relation to sleep, bedtime rituals and various secrets for good sleep.“

AKVILĖ Giniota, sexuality educator, PhD in educational sciences at VU, 2022

„Dear parents, grandparents, friends, teachers, dive into the world of fairy-tales with childish naivety and curiosity, ask yourself questions, share your answers with the little ones and may the book be a bridge between you, connecting the world of childhood and the world of grown-ups.

I recommend these fairy-tale books as a mother, as an educator and as a Gestalt therapist, emotional intelligence development specialist. These books are rich in detailed, slow pace narrations about the world; consistent repetition of essential ideas forms strong foundations for human values, such as love, determination, kindness. These books encourage children to be curious and interested not only in “why”, but also in “how” this world works – and that is the key to self-understanding and understanding of others. I wish you all pleasant, peaceful, coherent and genuine reading time – time together.“

DAIVA Žukauskienė, Gestalt therapist, mental health specialist, writer, educator, bibliotherapist

„Inspiring, heart-warming stories, revealing the importance of those around us, our inner strengths, possibilities for getting help and the power of being connected. The best gift for current and future friends of DooleyDoo.“

MONIKA SKERYTĖ-KAZLAUSKIENĖ, psychologist, founder of the Child Psychology Centre, 2023

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The Concept of Therapy Tales

Therapy tales – a fantastic invention! Those are fun playful stories filled with important messages “in between the lines” for small listeners. Each story serves a specific purpose. The messages conveyed through therapy tales reach the hearts and the ears of the little ones with incredible ease. They are significantly more attractive and clearer than any directly given requests, offers or instructions.

Therapy tales enrich children‘s games, help develop their imagination and foster creativity. Taking part in a magical story helps children identify themselves as tale characters and make important discoveries together.

The content of the tales in this book is aimed at developing emotional, social, and linguistic intelligence.

Story time is not only wonderful for staying in close contact with children, but is also an excellent opportunity to provide them with knowledge on different matters, encourage thinking and language development, expand vocabulary, enhance memory and nurture creativity. It is the most beautiful time for strong emotional bonding between the storyteller (you) and the listener (the child).

Inga Narijauskienė

DooleyDoo adventures were invented and written down by Inga Narijauskienė

Inga Narijauskienė

For many years already, Owl DooleyDoo has been living her cosy life in our home. She was born in everyday stories we were telling our children when they were small. Our daughter and son are grown-ups now, but they still remember DooleyDoo as a true beloved family member. Some of the tales came to life spontaneously in response to children’s feelings, behaviour and events taking place at the precise moment in time. Others, on the contrary, have been created in advance –¬ we carefully worked on the content willing to convey the things we considered very important in most interesting, fun and attractive ways.

I felt the calling to write down at least several tales about Owl DooleyDoo for quite a while. Throughout many years of interaction with parents and their children in my studio workshops “Mommy Songs”, I often found myself thinking, “Oh, our DooleyDoo could do a really good job in this situation...” Families raising small children often find themselves in similar situations asking themselves similar questions as, for example, when a day NO! arrives when you least expect it. And this is where we can help children learn how to deal with the NO mood with more ease – just by telling them how owl DooleyDoo helped herself in a situation like that :)

I see STORY TELLING as a really special and magical time for communication with children – it is the time we can give them important knowledge together with love, joy and tenderness wrapped up with fun adventures :)

The first two books on the adventures of Owl DooleyDoo were illustrated by

Justė Maldžiūnaitė

I am Justė who likes to draw. Drawing feels good to me, at times I just can’t help but draw…

Also, I feel very good when interacting with children – I find much light and positive emotions there.

Therefore, drawing for children and with children is what I find most amusing.

The moment I was introduced to DooleyDoo, I instantly started visualizing this cute owl as a character living her life: I could see DooleyDoo’s home and the items she had there, I already knew her looks and what her friends looked like, I could see the colour of the feathers, the colour of elephant skin and squirrel fur, I could portray the owl’s grandparents, her stockings, the soap and the sponge, the mushrooms, the flies and the sunbeams... DooleyDoo’s world was so rich I just had to keep looking around with curiosity and grab my paints and brushes with no further delay!

Justė Maldžiūnaitė
Agnė Laurinavičiūtė-Liakienė

The third, fourth and fifth books on the adventures of Owl DooleyDoo were illustrated by

Agnė Laurinavičiūtė-Liakienė

I am Agnė, a fashion designer. I was into drawing and painting since the very young days when I found myself crying for being too young to enroll into the school of arts. Having finished my studies in the Academy of Arts, I do not only work in the fashion field – painting still plays a great part in my life. Illustrating a book, however, was my first time experience and I feel very excited to have met DooleyDoo and all her friends.

It was an interesting process using different watercolour strokes to emphasize each character’s unique features, express distinctive facial expressions and emotions.
I hope the readers of all ages will be curious to explore the illustrations, including all the small bugs and other tiny details hidden there. Observe attentively, many magical surprises are waiting for you! :)

Waiting for your questions and comments!


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